In the first years of its operation, Porto Itapoá was already highlighted in a survey conducted by Instituto Ilos (Institute of Logistics and Supply Chain) and published by the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo in 2014, earning the highest rating from users: 8.9 .

The Brazilian port performance, highlighted by the Institute, is the result of an opinion poll that shows the assessment made by 169 companies, from 18 sectors of the Brazilian economy.

The result achieved by the Terminal is a reflection of the sum of investments that range from infrastructure to the constant effort that the company adds to people’s motivation, qualification and engagement.

The best in people management

As a result of the investment in valuing people, Porto Itapoá is the only port in the country to be among the best in People Management, according to research carried out by Valor Econômico newspaper in partnership with AON Hewiit Consulting.

The survey was conducted with almost 200 companies and sought to identify the best among them in terms of People Management. In such a short time in the market, Porto Itapoá joins the major organizations in the country and was one of the nominees for the award in the category of companies between 501 and 1000 employees.

For the Terminal, it is the people who make the difference, they are the ones who generate value for the business. Being the best in the view of customers is only possible because we invest in the same way to be the best in the view of our employees.

The port with the country's most loyal and satisfied customers

Porto Itapoá was one of the highlights at the 16th Brazilian Forum on Customer Relationship – FBRC. The event, which is promoted by the Brazilian Institute of Customer Relationship – IBRC, in partnership with Revista Exame, presents successful cases and highlights from the Customer Service segment of major brands such as Coca-Cola, UBER, Netshoes, Hyundai, among others.

Citizen Company Award

In August 2018, another achievement for the Terminal and the community: the Ampliar project brought the 2018 Citizen Company award to Porto Itapoá, in the community participation category. The award is from the Association of Sales and Marketing Managers of Santa Catarina (ADBV / SC). The event honors companies in Santa Catarina that make social responsibility a priority. The Terminal was awarded by Ampliar, a project that has been working together with the community for three years in the development of Itapoá and in the generation of income for the community.

Porto Itapoá is a benchmark in customer satisfaction among Brazilian port terminals

For the second consecutive year, Porto Itapoá was one of the highlights at the Brazilian Forum on Customer Relationships – FBRC. The event, which is in its 17th edition, is promoted by the Brazilian Institute for Customer Relationship – IBRC, in partnership with Exame Magazine. During the meeting, successful cases and highlights from different business segments are presented in relation to the customer service models conducted by major national and international brands operating in Brazil.

The latest survey, carried out with Terminal Customers in 2018, showed a high spontaneous satisfaction index (SSI – Spontaneous Satisfaction Index) with 92%. The CJI (Customers Journey Index) represents Customer satisfaction with the services actually performed by Porto. In this indicator, Porto Itapoá reached 86%.

Another index pointed out by the survey is the NPS (Net Promoter Score), where Porto reached 69%, the NPS is a globally accepted index of loyalty that classifies customers in a network of promoters or detractors of the business and is based on the idea of recommendation of products and services to other consumers.

Porto Itapoá receives international Navis Inspire Awards

This week, Porto Itapoá was recognized in an international award for its performance in the community. The Navis 2019 Inspire Awards, held in San Francisco, California, recognized the actions of the Ampliar Project, which for three years has benefited improvement proposals suggested by the local population, accounting for an investment of more than R $ 325 thousand. The ceremony took place on Tuesday, March 26, and included Porto in the Customer and Community Impact category.

The company Navis has a system used in ports around the world and holds the award annually. In the category in which Porto Itapoá was recognized, the relations between the port and the community were assessed by the users of the system, analyzing social development, entrepreneurship of the population and the possibilities of generating income for families with social projects. . “For us, it is very important to receive this international recognition, demonstrating to national and international partners our relations with the community and the improvements we have promoted together”, highlights Cássio Schreiner, president of Porto Itapoá.