This instrument aims to receive, process and give adequate treatment to denouncements of facts that violate or violate our Code of Ethics and Conduct. The analysis is carried out by the Ethics Committee in an impartial manner, with the said Committee composed of members of the management and the board. In cases of denunciations in which one or more members of the Ethics Committee are reported, they will be immediately removed from the aforementioned committee, in order to ensure the impartiality, transparency and integrity of the investigations.

Reports can be anonymous or not. Those with identification will be forwarded to the complainant the outcome of the Ethics Committee’s decision.

This is a channel that assists and supports Porto Itapoá in protecting and complying with the principles and guidelines of its Code of Ethics, and should not be an instrument for light or groundless complaints that are not based on evidence. Evidence is an important element that assists in the processing and investigation of the complaint.

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